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about the Jurassic Ark Research Sites

This is unlike any Ark gaming server you have been on. Jurrasic Ark is a season based pvp competition with obtainable Alpha tames! It is our goal  to create a fun PVP environment that is always action packed! Starter kits are available,  and you generate points for the in-game shop just by being active! There are also several fair and active Admins  that are always open to suggestions for server and events. We'd love to have you and your friends join to help our growing server and discord community!


Support the Conquest! Support the Community!

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Getting Alpha Tames

The way you can get your Alpha tame is by collecting all the tributes on the list below and bring 3 max lvl tames of the one you want  lvl'd up to at least lvl.350 to an admin in exchange for the Alpha version dino.   


Alphas available are:

Tributes - Official ARK_ Survival Evolve


Kit Purchases

We have kits available for purchase though our in-game shop from points that you can generate over time some of the kits such as: 

-Basic Supply Box

-Advanced Supply Box

-Tamer’s Package

for more info on these kits please see the

#shop tab on our Discord

Competitive Seasons

Our Seasons are highly competitive and based on a 90 day/3 month cycle with each Season end starting fresh. Prizes in the form of special tames and cash or gift cards are rewarded to the winning tribe, as well as their tribe and names going down in the  InGenHall Of Fame section.

Special title recognition is also awarded on the discord. 

Monthly Events

We host 2 Events per season, 1 event 30 days into the season and the last event 60 days into the season, there will be prizes awarded to the winners and your suggestions for new events are most welcome, please post them here: 

Event Suggestions

Some of the events are:

-Hunger Games

-Tamed Dino Battles

-Divide and Conquer {Territory Battle}

-Hide and Kill

and much much more! see Events for all of them.

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